im a chain smoker.

whats wrong with that?

i smoke cigarettes, sooo, i smoke more then one in one sitting right after the other.

i hate when you smoke with someone and you pull out
another cigarette after you just smoked and they say
WOAH chain smoker..
like okay thanks for pointing out i smoke you dumb dumb.

in other news! i cant wait until i put in my two weeks in shogun.
im so sick of working my ass off and there is no realization that
hay, i probably am a asset to your filthy, no business restaurant.
but who cares im tired of trying to voice my concerns to the upper
management and being shut down. im also tired of nick.
yes i said your name NICK NICK! im sry you weren’t doing your job,
treating you employees like shit, being unfair, fucking an underage girl you could
and being creepy to the girls an be sexest to how you assigned sections.
so yes nick the truth would come out and yes you would have to reap your
consequences. and why was i surprised you would take it out on you know who.
so goodbye shogun i love you my fellow employees the only reason it is wonderful to work there, i only hope for the best and of course will keep in touch with alot of you but i jus can wait to say ba bye. soon soon :]

  1. blargyblargblog said: Leaving shogun is probably the best for a lot of people. Myself included. I am actively seeking employment elsewhere, but I have spent the last 4 1/2 -5 years though so that change is understandably bittersweet. I’ve enjoyed working with you!
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