its ironic isnt it dear that you think or maybe you really are his friend and that you can love someone that has done so much damage to many people including the ones you love and loved. keep posting those pictures keep telling your self that your worthy of love that someone can stand your annoying chatter your self pity and mental destruction. i hope every time you you hear his name speak his name you can remember what he done that he is not a good person but your search for someone to like you and tolerate you for more then a week blinds you. your perfect together, disgusting but perfect. but i know you cant block out what hes done said proven in his action that have revieled who he truly is. you say he an him or just alike well i se no similarites mine is strong, protecter, no lies, actual emotion, hes a man. yours is a coward my dear a worthless life that should have never existed.

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