here is another pointless paragraph

we achieve or should i say i achieve then i fail. i know how it was how i hated it how i swore i would never continue, but i guess we were designed to lie to ourselves to make a very simple solution into a terrible down fall of hate and hurt. knowingly we destroy our bodies, lie to ourselves and yet we can walk away from all the self destruction satisfied, no matter what we can make any situation into an accuse. lists, ideas, thoughts seem to fill my everyday’s with what i want, with what i should, and how it shall all be accomplished. when i am at my weakest all these tribulations are fantastic but in normal state they are meaningless an not worth while. will i be stuck in this continues cycle of going nowhere of only dreaming of what i am capable of? eve the simplest of to do’s are never touched. i am content with who i am with what i have. i have a house with the love of my life,i have a job that pays more then what to offered but yet everyone around me yell that i can do so much more. BETTER BETTER BETTER. if everyone just left everyone alone and only congratulated on what small things each of us posses no one would feel worthless or feeling they can only be better. why cant someone be happy with as litttle as possible why cant they people who dont want to achieve as much be looked at as happy and content and the people that archiving be looked at the same way we make our selfs unhappy.

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